City & Guilds NVQ5 Leadership & Management in Care Services

Accredited by City and Guilds, this Level 4 NVQ will give you the right skills to show you've got what it takes to deliver best practice in management. Develop your career with a Leadership and Management for Care Services NVQ. You'll prove you have the skills and knowledge to provide top-class services for adults and young people in care homes and day care centres.

Who is it for?

You'll be working in a management role in a care home, nursing home or day care centre, or be responsible for planning services, measuring performance and delivering continuous improvement in care services.

A Leadership and Management for Care Services NVQ is for any manager one who is committed to delivering high-quality care services.

What will you learn?

  •  Manage and develop yourself and your workforce within the care services
  •  Lead and manage provision of care services that respects, protects and promotes the right and responsibilities of people
  •  Develop and maintain systems, procedures and practice of care services to manage risks and comply with health and safety requirements
  •  Lead and manage effective communication that promotes positive outcomes for people within care services
  •  Facilitate and manage change within care services through reflective, motivating and flexible leadership
  •  Lead and manage provision of care services that promotes positive behaviour
  •  Manage finance for your area of responsibility
  •  Manage a project

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