ISMM 3 Sales & Marketing Diploma

Sales and Marketing is the key skill to business growth and development. Sales and marketing teams are both responsible for generating profitable revenue and yet the two departments rarely work in synergy. Customer or client engagement can be dynamically enhanced through this process of blending strategies, understanding the functions and working as a team.

 Unit code  Unit title  Assessment  Credit 
 U201  Understanding laws and ethics of selling   Work based evidence or assignment   3
 U301  Preparing and delivering a sales presentation  Work based evidence or assignment  5
 U302  Handling objections, negotiating and closing sales  Work based evidence or assignment   6
 U303  Understanding influences on buyer behaviour  Work based evidence or assignment  3
 U304  Understanding customer segmentation and profiling  Work based evidence or assignment   4
 U305  Understanding sales and marketing in organisations  Work based evidence or assignment  4
 U306   Using market information for sales   Work based evidence or assignment   5
 U307  Time and territory management for sales people  Work based evidence or assignment  6
 U308  Planning for professional development  Work based evidence or assignment  2
 U309  Prospecting for new business  Work based evidence or assignment  4 
 U310   Sales pipeline management  Work based evidence or assignment   6

Who is it for?

Every sales, marketing, advertising and account manager or director will benefit from working through this course. You will come away from it with a better understanding of the big picture, how and why what we do affects our performance

What will you learn?

ISMM Level 3 Diploma in Sales and Marketing

  •  Comply by the laws of selling and behave ethically throughout the process
  •  Present sales with success
  •  Understand the art of negotiating and closing the deal
  •  Appreciate the different influencers on buyers
  •  Appreciate the success of profiling customers
  •  Understand how sales and marketing work in synergy
  •  Use key tools to increase your sales
  •  Manage your time and organise yourself
  •  Continually develop yourself
  •  Continually develop your business

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