ISMM 5 Sales & Marketing Diploma

Business development requires key skills to create more customers, more potential market and more revenue. This course gives you the understanding to grow yourself, your team and your organisation. You will be able to address your current challenged in the climate and move your business forward.


 Unit code  Unit title  Assessment 
 U401  Managing responsible selling (level 4)   Work based evidence or assignment
 U501  Understanding and developing customer accounts  Work based evidence or assignment 
 U502  Understanding the integrated functions of sales and marketing  Work based evidence or assignment
 U503  Sales forecasts and target setting  Work based evidence or assignment
 U504    Leading a team   Work based evidence or assignment
 U505  Motivation and compensation for sales teams  Work based evidence or assignment 
 U506  Coaching and mentoring   Work based evidence or assignment
 U507  Designing, planning and managing sales territories  Work based evidence or assignment
 U508  Analysing the financial potential and performance of customer accounts   Work based evidence or assignment
 U509  Relationship management for account managers  Work based evidence or assignment 
 U510  Bid and tender management for account managers   Work based evidence or assignment

Who is it for?

Progression from the Level 3 Sales and Marketing -Every sales, marketing, advertising and account manager or director will benefit from working through this course. You will come away from it with a better understanding of the big picture, how and why what we do affects our performance


What will you learn?

ISMM Level 5 Diploma in Sales and Account Management

  •  Be able to manage the selling process
  •  Appreciate the potentials in account management
  •  Make sales and marketing work in synergy
  •  Develop a structure to sales
  •  Enhance the skills of your team
  •  Motivate yourself and your team
  •  Be able to coach and mentor your department
  •  Understand financial performance in the sales world
  •  Be able to write tenders with success
  •  Take a holistic approach to sales and marketing

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