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Time and Priority Management.

Work smarter not harder with the key skills demonstrated in this workshop. Enhance your work/life balance, get more done and gain `that feeling of accomplishment`.
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Presentations with Power

Communicate with power and conviction. Significantly increase your presentation skills and ability to speak with confidence and persuasion.
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Essential Management Skills

This adventure will teach you how to manage yourself and others with key techniques to motivate, lead, be results driven and enhance success.
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Advanced Communication Skills

Build effective rapport, influence, negotiate, persuade with impact and deal with objections in a positive, assertive manner with key interpersonal skills essential in the professional workplace.
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Be your own Coach

Get to results quicker for yourself and your team. Everybody needs a coach to not only set realistic goals but to maintain momentum. Be your own coach.
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Stress Management

Appreciate the psychology of stress, how your mind and body deals with stress and how to build effective coping mechanisms to remain in control.
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Conflict Resolution

Learn how to optimise your assertive skills with key structures that will work in every conflicting situation.
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Making Change Positive

The only thing that is constant is change. You grow or remain behind. Learn how to embrace change in a positive way.
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Excelling in Customer Service

Learn how to make a lasting impression and to build the customer experience and gain strong empathy and customer focus allowing you to communicate with effect.
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Train the Trainer

All the skills you need to be an effective trainer, develop training courses that facilitate learning and make a lasting impression.
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Leadership Mastery

Take your executives to the next level with this critical adventure to learn just how to lead people in your desired direction.
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Introduction to Sales

This high impact sales workshop gives you the tools to identify sales, work through sales and close them with confidence.
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